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Shakespearean Costume

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The model was issued in 2005 and this painting started at the Talents Event in 2007, which had a Shakespearean theme. As well as specialist hire shops, many theatres have their own costume makers.

The dream of US actor and director Sam Wanamaker since 1949, a new Globe Theatre finally opened in 1997 near the site of the 1600s Shakespearean Globe in Southwark. 

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Hazle Ceramics
Shakespearean Costume
Limited Painting of 20
Only 3 painted this way
on Melton Mowbray

 Dating from 1750, in 1851 this became the first bakery of authentic Melton Mowbray pork pies. Originally created by Mary Dickinson, her grandson John's name lives on in the shop.


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Shakespearean Costume
When noblemen died they often left fine clothes to servants who, unable to wear them, sold the garments to actors for a small sum. Elizabethan costume was ornate with many layers and intricately decorated with jewels and trimmings. So actors could be splendidly attired. Whatever a play’s era or setting, it was performed in contemporary dress in Shakespeare’s time.

Lovers Ferdinand and Miranda with Ariel in The Tempest. 

 Romeo and Juliet. Beside the main apron stage, the Globe has other acting areas. In this play a curtained recess at the back could be the Capulets’ tomb, a balcony could be Juliet’s bedroom, and a trapdoor could lead to her grave in the space below.

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