A Piece of Britain - award winning heritage by Hazle Ceramics
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Top to Toe

 Packed with original features, this has many small rooms suitable for different hats, shoes and bags including Bridal and Special Occasions!

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From 1640 this was a home, a pack horse inn and dressmakers. John Farrer from Liverpool was a tea and coffee merchant here from 1819-86. The name and trade stuck! It is still a beverages merchant and much more, plus a cafe, all run by a couple and two daughters. Near the Lake District, charming Kendal has lots of small shops and is ideal for this one.

Hazle Ceramics
Top to Toe
on Kendal
A hand painted Prototype with former fashion illustrator Chris McAllister’s v detailed windows.
The Open Edition had transfers.
Only this one with aqua drapes.

 At 13 Stricklandgate, Kendal. This was built as a house in 1640, becoming The Wagon and Horse Inn. The horses and wagons were led to a yard behind the alley, right. The cast iron double bowed frontage with its central door and fanlight over dates back to 1822.

£89.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Farrer’s coffee here?!

 The cast iron fanlight.

 Fine straw hats in pink for special occasions.

 Fabric shoes to match any outfit.

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