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Village School

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Issued in 2003 the model is based on the Vickers Hotel in Woodstock. This theme has previously been painted as Goodwyn’s School and various UK American Schools.

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Hazle Ceramics
Village School
Limited Painting of 50
on Woodstock

 An Orphan Girls School in 1876. In early Victorian times one teacher might have 100 children and older ones trained as monitors.

 This 1500s Cotswolds stone building with a double gable is at 7 Market Place, by the Town Hall.

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Victorian Schools
The rich had home tutors and boys’ boarding schools. Dame Schools (mentioned by Dickens) for ages 2-5 were run by one woman at home. Other day schools were set up by churches and charities. On seeing a Ragged School for orphans, Dickens was moved to write A Christmas Carol which had a big impact. After 1870 school was compulsory for 5-13 year-olds. Many walked miles in all weathers and classrooms were often derelict. From 1891 a state education was free to all.

Pentridge School (1877-1930) near Chris and Marilyn’s home. The schoolmistress’s house left is a rural cottage today. The high window classroom, so children couldn’t see out, now serves as the Village Hall. 

Victorian slate pen and board for the younger child to scratch on. 

 Maypole dancing today at Marilyn’s old primary school in East Devon.

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