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Royal Wedding Church

The Royal Wedding as depicted on the Torquay Clock Tower with Catherine and William’s name and the date 29 April 2011. The clock shows 12.15pm, when the Service officially ended and the couple were driven away in an open landau. The crest over the porch is on Westminster Abbey’s flag, where the couple were married. Over a million people lined the Wedding route below, whilst 2 billion watched TV worldwide.

 Westminster Abbey crest on flag.

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Hazle Ceramics
Royal Wedding Church
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on Torquay

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 The happy couple take their wedding vows, as the ring is put on. As the most senior clergy in the Church of England, The Archbishop of Canterbury right conducts all Royal Weddings, with 16 held in the Abbey since 1100AD. As a Royal Peculiar, this church is under the jurisdiction of the reigning Monarch, and not a Bishop.

 Torquay Gothic tower from 1903. Issued by Hazle in 2001.

 The route of the couple’s carriage back to Buckingham Palace.

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