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The Royal Wedding Day

 Watching on a workshop TV, painter and former fashion illustrator Chris plans figures and apparel for the main window with Hazle.

This ceramic was created on the day 29th April 2011, once the bridal party’s attire was known. A page, three bridesmaids and one of the decorative trees inside Westminster Abbey are shown left. Clarence House, the London home of HRH Prince Charles and his family, announced that they can be called Prince William and Princess Catherine too.

 Westminster Abbey with Great West Door, the principal entrance.

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Hazle Ceramics
TRH The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge
Limited Painting of 29
on London Floris

Royal Wedding Set 2011

All lettering is by Hazle

Sold In Set £146.50

 Royal Crest on the North Door, copied on ceramic above the fascia.

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 Chris starts work from her illustrations and photos.

 Taking their vows with The Archbishop of Canterbury.

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