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Decorations Ironmonger

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This model is based on D Norton & Son in Uppingham, an independent ironmonger that still sells Christmas trees. Until recently they were imported but are now farmed in the UK as a greener option than PVC trees. Bumpy Doodles, an innovative raised glaze, is added and fired over the original modelling to create the decorations, snow and trees.

 The evergreen and hemi-parasitic mistletoe occurs naturally. It gets moisture and minerals with limited harm to a host and photosynthesises its own sugars. Girls who refuse to kiss under it won’t marry in the next year - presumably spoken by a man!

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Hazle Ceramics
Decorations Ironmonger
No 1/30 with lettering by Hazle
on Uppingham Market
With added modelled raised glaze

 As on the ceramic, holly wreaths made at Xmas can symbolise Christ’s crown of thorns or the cross. Holly means truth in heraldry. Harry Potter’s wand is made from holly wood!

£95.50 Worldwide
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 One of Victoria and Albert’s trees at Windsor Castle in 1843. Victoria’s grandmother Queen Charlotte first introduced a decorated yew tree in 1800.

 The mistletoe’s white flowering winter berries on a 1909 postcard.

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