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Wonder of Woolworths

By the 1930s Woolies was the UK place to go for cards, wrappings, decorations, sweets, gifts, toys and more - all for 6d or less. The 1940s War Office helped them get stock so troops received Xmas presents. UK cards were own brand and by the 1960s mixed packs sold in millions.

 FWW chose the Croydon site and opened this in 1912. Until 2009 it was the world’s oldest shop. Upper floors are on the model.

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Hazle Ceramics
Wonder of Woolworths
Limited Painting of 30
on London Croydon
With added 22 carat gold
& Santa Chimney Add-on

 Cousin Fred Moore Woolworth ran the Church Street shop in Liverpool, 1909-23. This ground floor frontage is on the model.

20th Anniversary 2010
Painted by Michele Bland

£75.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

 Glass Owl, Santa and Acorn: German hand blown and painted. Frank just couldn’t get enough! By 1890 tree ornaments sold in great numbers with little competition.

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How Frank Changed Christmas!
In 1879 toys were for the rich kids while others got socks or fruit for Christmas. As a child, founder Frank W was laughed at after asking for a 5 cent (1p) toy. A simple range for his first US Christmas of marbles, tin doll-dustpans and novelty soaps was the start of something huge. He taught toymakers to mass produce and usually packaged in his own warehouses. Frank’s big trading secret was to track goods to source and buy direct - often in Europe. Stock was always ordered in the low season for the suppliers’ best price.

 These 1930s tree lights were a US first.

 Frank wanted these “olde” style words for earliest English cards, as postcards til 1928.

 1930s multipacks had one-stop giftwrap.

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