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The Blue Lotus Book Cafe

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This Book Cafe is a Hazle first that unites two of her favourite things! Dog legends from the West include King Arthur’s Cafal, The Odyssey’s Argos plus Tintin’s famous Snowy! China has mythical Pangu, father of mankind, plus a dog that first carried grain to Earth. In The Journey to the West, one of China’s Four Great Classical Novels, god Erlang’s dog bites off the monster’s head.

 The Chinese love comics, Tintin is massive and China is packed with Blue Lotus Cafes! Author Herge’s Chinese friend Chang ensured this tale had no cultural cliches like earlier ones.

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Hazle Ceramics
Blue Lotus Book Cafe
and Year of the Dog
1-12: no unlucky Chinese 4s/8s
Blue enamel paint on railings
The lady drinks tea from a pot
on London Sherlock
Another worldwide detective!

 Snowy has just saved Chang from a flooded Yangtze river in his mouth, with the Chinese dog traits of bravery, loyalty and diligence!

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 Fu Dog-Lion pairs are often placed outside Chinese buildings for good luck. Painter Carol Whaley depicts two in a similar style on the ceramic. In the West the Greek dog-lion-wolf Cerberus guarded the gates of Hell!

 Tintin and Snowy face spies and drug smugglers at Shanghai’s Blue Lotus opium den, in a faithful depiction of the Japanese occupied district in 1931.

 Snowy is running with a poisoned package in Shanghai. In another scene he poses as a fat belly inside a much disguised Tintin and more. First serialised 1934-5, from 1946 the tales had Herge’s “ligne clair” of strong lines and colours along with lifelike scenery as above.

 The cute folk custom of children wearing dog hats is from a Chinese legend of a dog that rescues a baby.

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