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Lucky Horse Restaurant

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As the Horse loves company and having a good time, it is paired with a Chinese Restaurant. Utilising the best fresh local produce, China’s Eight Culinary Traditions are largely regional and are often reduced into fewer styles now.

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Hazle Ceramics
Lucky Horse Restaurant
and Year of the Horse
Limited Painting 36/50, No 4s
Original Year of Horse design
on Bury St Edmunds Inn

 The 7th sign in 2014, the Horse is intelligent, outgoing, energetic, honest, spontaneous and noble. Having freedom keeps it healthy!

 Cooking styles including Canton stir-fry and Peking duck plus Fujian soup and other dishes.

China Town Series No 6

£89.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

Chinese Cooking Styles
Numerous Cantonese emigrants introduced Chinese food to the world and their cuisine was once seen as its sum total. Now other styles are popular such as spicy Sichuan and similar but hotter Hunan food. Beijing Style is very meaty, including famous Peking Duck. Fujian Style values soups, stews and seafood. Desserts use East Asian produce such as agar, rice or sweet bean paste. World fusion styles include American- English- and Japanese-Chinese.

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 Small dishes for dim sum are either sweet or savoury. These water chestnut cakes are a Canton dim sum dessert that is pan fried then served.

 Bite-size cooked or marinated raw fish on sticky rice. “Shanghai Style” from the East is famed for dim sum and red cooking - braising in sweet, spicy soy sauce. The Yangtze river and its flood plains make this “land of fish and rice”.

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