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The Chinese Bakery

 With lotus seed paste inside, mooncakes are eaten at Chinese New Year plus other holidays. Small above or as bigger cakes, they are laborious to make but are found in Chinese bakeries.

 Chinese layer aka rainbow cakes have an airy texture from a light meringue batter. Various icings and fresh fruits are added.

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China’s agricultural output is the world’s largest but only 15% of the land can be cultivated. The Chinese revere oxen for aiding their survival for at least 7000 years. In 2009 an Ox Museum opened in Xian, also home of the Terracotta Army.

Hazle Ceramics
The Chinese Bakery
and The Year of the Ox
Nos 1-12, no unlucky 4s or 8s!
on Melton Mowbray

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 Bar cakes which are steamed in a wok to become more moist.

 Rice dumpling in bamboo leaf.

 Rice terraces in hard terrains are fed by springs and monsoons for hundreds of thousands of people. A bit like a layer cake!

 A Chinese spring onion roll.

 Rolling donkeys with aduki bean paste inside steamed rice.

 Well-adapted oxen are used in remote areas. Paddy fields began in China which is the largest exporter of rice, main fare for half the world. This sole semi-aquatic grain grows ten inches a day in rising water!

 Chinese Ox types enjoy the outdoors and solitude. They are honest, dependable and strong.

 An egg custard tart with a partial Western influence, like several other Chinese foods.

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