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The Kite Store

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 Hard Winged Kites have moving cross-tail spars on a central frame.

 Centipedes are one of four classic Chinese kites, with a dragon’s head and a long train of undulating discs. One at Weifang is 984 feet.

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Hazle Ceramics
The Kite Store and
The Year of the Pig
Nos 1-12 with no unlucky Chinese 4s/8s!
on Windsor Guildhall
(Only other piece as LP1 with 6 tiny kites on Nottingham - aka Boots the Chemist)

”The earliest aircraft made by man were the kites and missiles of ancient China.” History of Flight Pavilion in Washington DC. From c800BC kites had high-tensile silk sails and silk lines over strong bamboo frames. They were used for military comms, measuring distance, testing wind, and lifting men! By 549AD sails were made of paper, another Chinese creation. Thousands of kites take to the sky in Beijing on the first day of spring.

£125 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Snail Kite in Weifang Museum.

 Pigs May Fly! This last twelfth Chinese zodiac animal has both the technical abilities to create kites and the retail skills to sell them!

 Soft Winged Kites often have two pairs of wings, with rigid upper and pliant lower rims.

 Flat Kites have rigid frames: Yin & Yang and Yellow Emperor above.

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